Directions Hair Color Semi Permanent Hair Color 06 Neon Red 100 ml

Directions Hair Color Semi Permanent Hair Color 06 Neon Red 100 ml
Directions Hair Color Semi Permanent Hair Color 06 Neon Red 100 ml

Directions Hair Color Semi Permanent Hair Color 06 Neon Red 100 ml

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Directions Hair Color Semi-Permanent Hair Dye 06 Neon Red 100 ml

Directions is a temporary hair color, with a creamy consistency, odorless and no need to mix ingredients: it is completely ready to use, safe for hair and lasts perfectly for 2 to 4 weeks.

  • Directions for use:
    To achieve the brightest color, hair should be pre-lightened as much as possible; on natural light hair, the dye may only give a slight tint, dyeing unbleached black hair will not give any result.
  • The use of conditioning treatments interferes with the dyeing process, resulting in less saturated color.
  • You can add a small amount of dye to your shampoo to maintain the color for longer.



  • Get a bold and extreme look with the fantasy tones of La Riche Directions.
  • It is a direct dye and does not require an oxidizing cream.
  • Does not damage hair.
  • Color durability is approximately 6-8 washes.
  • It is recommended to use neutral and sulfate-free shampoos to prolong the color's durability.
  • It does not have the power to lighten hair.

Instructions for use:
Before coloring, wash hair with a balanced pH shampoo and towel dry it. The day before dyeing, it is not advisable to use conditioners or hair lotions. Transfer the required amount of dye into a plastic container. For short hair, half the volume is sufficient, for long hair the entire contents is necessary.
Use protective gloves (it is better to choose ones that fit tightly on your hands, rather than the usual loose gloves that often come with dyes). To avoid staining the skin on your face and ears, lubricate them with vaseline or baby oil. For more even application, it is recommended to use a special brush.
Apply the color to hair at a distance of 3-4 cm from the scalp and distribute evenly on the tips.
Start coloring the back of the head, making sure hair is evenly saturated with dye.
After application, comb hair carefully until the dye foams, indicating complete absorption of the coloring agents by the hair.
Lighter shades may require longer brushing.
Leave the color on hair for 30-60 minutes or longer, depending on the desired intensity.
Note that lighter shades may require longer exposure times. Using a hair dryer will reduce the time to 15-30 minutes and can produce a brighter and longer-lasting color.
Rinse hair under running water; for better color fixation, rinse hair with a vinegar solution (mix equal parts of white vinegar and water, apply to hair and comb it through, leave the mixture on hair for 1-2 minutes, and then rinse under running water).
Dry hair.

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